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deb on November 9, 2009

we are planning on driving our RV from usa through central america and shipping from costa rica to ecuador then continuing through south america...we will leave either march or april 2010(from cali or texas)...anyone want to join along in a caravan? and maybe share a container?

Jfellows on October 24, 2009

I am in nicaragua, driven from alaska, want to ship my van to colombia around the 10-15 of november,if anyone wants to share a container email me NOW! jfellows691@hotmail.com

ps. this is a great site. thanks guys!

bud busch on October 18, 2009

we will be leaving southern calif for ecuador sometime in dec. 2009. anyone leaving within 2 weeks of that, maybe we could caravan. will just be my wife and i. plan on being in ecuador by 1st of jan. 2010.

Henry Janzen on September 23, 2009

My son and I are going from Vancouver Canada mid to end of October . Anybody traveling at the same time that we could travel together to south America ?
In Panama it would be nice to save some money by placing 2 vehicles in one 40`ft. container . We drive a 4 Runner .
phone # 250 307 7631

Jesse Weinberg on August 31, 2009

We are traveling from Seattle to Costa Rica in October. It will be our first time doing the Pan American road trip. Very excited, also a little nervous. Anyone else doing the trip around that time? I would love to make contact with you if you are. send me an email, looking forward to hearing from you.


Curt on August 28, 2009

Making the journey to Costa Rica during the second week of October 09'.. Looking for a caravan to travel with. The more the merrier, come one come all!! send me an email if interested in the advendure..


Z & Dovi on August 23, 2009

Hello Logan, we wrote before in the message board that the total cost was around $30K. This included the car, shipping from Panama to Ecuador, shipping from Argentina to Germany, air tickets, Galapagos "side trip", a couple weeks of diving in Honduras and a 10-day trip to Cuba. We would say that average daily expenses were around $50 for 2 people (hotel, food & fuel). Since "frugal" can mean different things to different people, we'll describe how we lived: nearly 100% of the time we stayed in hostels, we always aimed for a double room with private bathroom, we always tried to select the most economic but at the same time decent option. The average was 20-30 USD per night. We cooked around 50% of our meals, 25% of the meals we had in cafes (always left tips), the remaining 25% was beer :)) We stayed away from organized trips and guides. We always bargained :)

If 4 of you travel in one SUV you would share the cost of fuel, repairs and shipping. Yet we think an SUV like Nissan Pathfinder or Toyota 4Runner would be too small (unless you add a roof rack).

It does not really matter when you leave CA. The weather there is pretty much the same all year :) You should take into consideration the best time in your target destinations (whale-watching in Baja, Monarch butterfly watching in Mexico, high/low seasons in Galapagos, turtle-watching in Costa Rica). January worked well for us.

If we were to do it again, we would:
1. Use services of guides when visiting ruins. They are very inexpensive and can tell more things than you would read in books.
2. Plan ahead what is the best time to see the most desired destinations (we missed whales in Baja and were too early for turtles in Costa Rica)
3. We would do much more diving in Galapagos and in other places too.
4. We would waste so much time trying to find the cheapest shipping
5. Take more jungle/nature tours.
6. If we stumble upon a place that we like a lot, we would change itinerary to spend more time there, without rushing off to the next destination.

Let us know if you have more questions and enjoy the tr

Dave Reynolds on July 31, 2009

Okay so we made it to Puerto Escondido. We are going to be here for a month. We were supposed to be in Costa Rica by now but because of the political issue in Honduras, we have decided to just stay here for a while until we find people to travel with us. We don't really know what to do right now. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million!

dOOMY on July 23, 2009

To Logan: when do plan on leaving and what's your itinerary. We're 4/5 people about to leave in October to Argentina following, more or less, Zee&Dovi's route. We could share some thoughts about this... serban.dumitrescu at gmail.com

Logan on July 20, 2009

Thank you for posting all of this valuable information. Seems to be the best site out there for the Pan-American Highway. I have a few questions that I wasn't able to find and was hoping you could answer: What was the total cost for the 9 months? We're you rather frugal in your expenditures or not? If 4 of us travel in one SUV what amount do would you save?

What is the best time of year to leave (from California)? Did January work well for you?

If you were doing it today, what would you change?

Thanks for the help!

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