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Dean on October 20, 2008

I stumbled upon your website and I could use some advice. I plan on driving from Southern California to Costa Rica the week of Nov 24. How difficult is it to get through countries like Nicaragua and El Salvador? Are there things I should do before driving there? Are there "safe" places that you know where I could stay along the highway? Here is my email address: deandeaver@yahoo.com. Thanks for any extra help you can pass on to me.

JEINNER on September 24, 2008


My family and I are looking for a few brave souls to CONVOY with us next July 09.
If you are interested please email me at jeinner@gmail.com . SUBJECT LINE: CONVOY

Thank you,

Jorge Gonzalez on September 13, 2008


Before trying to ship out of Panama, maybe I should first double check the importation process with an customs agent in Colombia.

Thanks for the advice.

I will then suspend the plan for right now.

Dovi & Z on September 13, 2008

Hello all :)

To Kindra: Not sure about the veggie oil, but there is plenty of diesel in all the countries. If you car can still take diesel, you will be fine. Check out this link: http://www.buckhornproductions.ca/projects.php Maybe these guys will have more info.

To Jorge: We used APL and we would never do it again. They are shippers only and will not take your car through customs. Very likely you will have to hire an agent that will take the container from the port and do custom paperwork. As far as we know you are not allowed to simply open up the container in the port and drive your car out. At least this is what we went through in ecuador. maybe colombia is different. Good luck!

To David: $30000, but the cost can be reduced by staying in campsites instead of motels. Also we took quite a few expensive "side trips": galapagos, bay islands, cuba...

To TF: Yes, we are going to finish it. No need to remind us of this sore subject :) It is just that we got bussy earning back everything we spent during the trip and saving for the new trip as well :) But we will definitely finish. We promise :)

Kindra on September 12, 2008

I forgot to give you my contact info. Please email me if you have any information on the veggie oil!

Thanks, Kindra

Kindra on September 12, 2008

Hi there, I am looking to find information about doing the Pan American trip through Central and South America in a vehicle that runs on vegetable oil. My boyfriend and I just converted our diesel truck to run on veggie oil. We are concerned that we may not run across many restaurants that store thier waste vegetable oil in large containers like in the U.S. and that is how we get our oil here. Does anyone know somebody who has made the trip on vegetable oil or any links that would help us out? Thanks!

JORGE GONZALEZ on September 9, 2008

Hello there,

On Friday September 19 or 26, I will be shipping my car in a 20 foot container with APL for 850.00 DLS. From the Balboa Panama port to Buenaventura Colombia port. If you willing to share a 40 Feet container and split the costs, get in touch with me.

Remember that the car has to be ready to exit Panama by the loading day on Friday.


Jeinner on September 5, 2008


I will like to take a moment and thank you for your web-site it has been not only helpful but inspiring.

What advised can you give us if we are traveling with two girl’s age 5 and 11 besides ear plugs what are your suggestions?

My Family and I are taking this trip next year (2009) mid July from Phoenix, Arizona. I would like to get a convoy of vehicles together for this adventure. Since traveling with a group, the risks decrease but the fun increases, I want to recruit as many vehicles as possible. My final destination will be Heredia, Costa Rica. If there’s any interested parties please contact me at jeinner@gmail.com under the subject line please input “CONVOY”.

Thank you,
Jeinner Robles

Crhiztian David García on August 8, 2008

Hi, I'm David from Colombia and I dream of making this trip too, but I don't have any idea of how much can this cost? Can you please help me with an big estimate? I'll thank any information. crhiztian@hotmail.com

TF on July 30, 2008

Hi guys, loved reading through your report. I noticed that the journal stops after you guys reach Peru... Do you guys plan on finishing the journal?

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