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Brett Marty on August 24, 2007

I will be shipping my car from Balboa, Panama (or possible Costa Rica, though less likely, unless we find a RORO option) to Guayaquil, Ecuador during the first week of September. It is 16ft long, and will fit in a 20ft container; however, a 40ft container would be much cheaper, if split between two people. If anyone would like to split a container and has a vehicle (or any cargo) that is less than 22 feet long, please contact me at
[- Address hidden by Brett's own request. To contact Brett post a message here. -]

Best regards,


Z & D on August 16, 2007

-- About Cats and Dogs --

(This comes from Michelle, who traveled with Loki, the cat, in Central America)

Regarding travelling with an animal: For sure, it is more complicated... in a van like we had, maybe a little less... but changing hotels all the time is something else...

To cross a border with an animal, you need a recent (3 to 15 days, depeding on the countries) good health certificate by a veterinarian, that states that the animal has got all due vacunation (shots) required by the country + its normal health record showing the vacunations and rappels. Most of the time they will ask only for the Rage shot and regular anti┤-parasite treatment, but sometimes they will ask for more. The vetenerian doing the paper for you should be able to help you find out what exactly you need for the "entering" country, but it is always better to double check yourself looking through the web or contacting the ambassy (had some bad experience with missing papers). Sometimes for example, this document (the health certificate) has to be officialy recognized by the embassy of the "entering" country while still in the "exiting" country. Panama is one of these country for example. This paper usually cost you between 25$ to 50$. Then sometimes you have to pay for an "animal importing tax" which usually cost from 10$ to 150$, depending on the country. We also travelled in Europe with Loki and back then it was the same policies but I heard it changed and now all animals traveling in europe needs the "chip".

In most central america, it would not be a problem to find a small hotel to sleep with your animal, but of course, not all of them will accept it. The least expensive it is, the better chance you have... but you will have to look around a bit.

Travelling with a dog is a lot easier than travelling with a cat... In fact, I do not recomend cats at all... It was ok for us with Loki because he started to travel at 1 month old... and we had the van that was its territory... but when we were not on the van, it was a lot more complicated... and a 1 year old cat cannot be taught to travel... Cats are not made to travel.

On the dog side, you have to make sure your dog is very, very, very well train if you want to enjoy the ride. If not, imagine the potencial problems: street dogs, chickens, cows, sheeps, garbages, people kicking them, trowing rocks at them, crazy driving, rat poison (my Loki died of rat poisoning)... you need to have your dog close to you all the time and always very obedient. Also, you won't be able to bring the dogs in all the restaurants (most terrace in central america will accept them if they are well behaved), the museums, the archeological sites, the tours, etc. You might have to sacrifize a few activities. And never think about letting an animal in a car or in a van here with the super hot weather. Even with all window open, they won't last!

But of course, if it is well trained and you don't mind having some limitations, it can worth the trouble to have your best friend around and it does give you some kind of protection.

Well, I hope this helps you a bit...


jennifer on July 6, 2007

My husband and I are going to drive from Alaska to Argentina and are wondering if we can take the dogs with us and what we need to do in order to take them. My e-mail address is JenniLTr@hotmail.com.

Joanie on July 5, 2007

My e-mail is Joanie.Le@gmail.com.

Joanie on July 5, 2007

Hello! We (2 adults) are planning on driving our station wagon to Peru from D.C. in a year, and we want to bring our dog. Does anyone know if hotels/hostels allow dogs? If not, is it safe to camp along the whole trip?
Any other DOG-RELATED advice would be awesome. Thanks!

Alberto on July 2, 2007

Hello to All, I am planing to move to Panama and I was thinking about driving down rather than shipping my car. Also I have a small boat on a trailer and I would like to take my personal items with me. Any help would be appreicated. my email is albertosanchez@sprintpcs.com

Z&D on June 7, 2007

Hi Daniel, we know a couple who have been traveling with a cat all the way from Canada. Send us an e-mail to fuego@go-panamerican.com and we'll put you in contact. And if you are looking for maps check out this link: http://www.go-panamerican.com/pan-american-books.php

Z&D on June 7, 2007

Here's a valuable bit of info for the people interested in shipping their cars from Central to South America.

We've been told by a little bird that it is possible to do it for as low as $350.

Costa Rica to Ecuador: http://www.vwvagabonds.com/VehicleShippingCostaRicaEcuador.html

Shipping angency:
Alejandro Vargas R.
Operations & Logistics Coordinator
Barlovento Agencia Maritima S.A
Tel. (506) 296-8480
Fax (506) 296-8475
San JosÚ, Costa Rica

The name of the little bird is Martin S. :) Thanx for letting us all know about this deal!

Lorraine on June 6, 2007

I'm currently in Panama City and wanting to ship my van to Cartagena the week of June 10th. Is there anyone wanting to share a container???

Antonio on May 25, 2007

Hello Daniel and James. My friends and I are leaving Jun 21 from San Diego, CA. We are driving all the way South. Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama (ferry), Ecuador, fly to Venezuela fly to Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay. It is going to be a one way trip and we plan to arrive by Aug 8. If you would like to form a convoy, let me know. We are three Paraguayan citizens fully billingual (Spanish-English). EMAIL: maurogk@gmail.com

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