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Daniel on May 21, 2007

Im a 21 year old college student and also plan on drive from northern california to the end of the world in tierra del fuego. So far its my buddy, me and my dog. Are there any laws about taking dogs in any of those countries? Or is there something I need to find out? Also, where is a good place to get good maps, cause AAA had only one map for the whole continent. I plan on leaving in jannuary so I should hopefully have enough time to plan accordingly.

James on April 8, 2007

I am looking for company while I drive to Costa Rica. My girlfriend demands that I do not attempt it alone. Will be leaving from Wyoming this week...can pick up any "sane" person along the way...spanish would be great.

stefan on March 9, 2007

hi dovi & zee,

wanted to thank you for the great music corner you've installed, you really got the point there.
as adi probably wrote u, we got filmed by german television in chiapas and in guatemala and there will be a 45 min documentary on SAT1 (private german television) in may about a part of our trip. do you get it on cable?
and in case u pass by vienna, knock on my door.

bueno amigos, espero que estan pura vida

p.s. it is that part of diarea writing to u that is now back in austria :)

Matthew on February 16, 2007

Hello, all! I am a college student in SC that just got back from Colombia. I speak basic Spanish, and have been planning to take three friends by car from Laredo, TX to Panama City. I'm SO glad that I found your site and it would mean a lot to be able to get in touch with some people to guide me in planning the trip. (two of the passengers are quite nervous...) Anyway, I have plenty of time to plan it, not until December, but if someone would like to be a mentor Please get in touch!
Much thanks, Matthew

Zee & Dovi on January 31, 2007

Hi Leo!
You can do it providing all goes right: none of your cars break down, none of you gets any health problems, weather conditions are favourable, vehicle shipping across the Darien Gap goes smoothly, you don't get stuck in customs etc. etc...
However, if you only have 2 months, don't expect to see much... All our favourite sites were way off the Pan-American: the Yucatan Peninsula & the Maya World in Mexico, 2 weeks of diving on Roatan (Bay Islands, Honduras), Islas Galapagos (gotta take a flight from Ecuador), Cordillera Blanca in Peru, Solar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires in Argentina... to mention just a few :) You need more than a year to see and enjoy it all, and you still won't get enough of it. We had 8 months, and that was like a half of time we would have loved to have :)
Anyway, whatever you guys decide to do - all the best to you! Have a safe and interesting trip!

Leo on January 30, 2007

Hello Guys,
Iím planning to go all the way from California to Usuahia this year but unfortunately I do have just 2 months. Do you thing Iíll be able to do it?. We planning to go with 2 cars and 2 drivers in each car. I know we can do it, but my question is if Iíll be able to do and have some sightseeing on the way. If so, which are the places you recommend the most to do sightseeing without getting to far from the way?.
Thanks in advance.

Zee on January 19, 2007

Here's a cool link that I'd like to share with yall: http://eoediary.org.uk/
These guys do some serious road trips around the globe...

alberto on December 6, 2006

need to share container from panama to ecuador by the middle of january please contac us at alberto.kerves@gmail.com

Kimadio on December 2, 2006

It was a great pleasure for me to visit and enjoy your site. Keep it running!

kevin on November 19, 2006

need to share a 40 foot container for moving my ford f350 from managua or hondurus to miami or houston.please contact me at kmm@kmminc.com

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