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vaiva on October 10, 2006

na, viskas aisku, aciu, kad nors atsiliepet :) tai sekmingos keliones nach Deutschland! na ir... lauksime tesiniu :)

Dovi ir Zi on October 10, 2006

Labas Vaiva!
Situacija su naujienomis gana komplikuota :) Visu pirma nieko neraseme, nes norejome saviems padaryti siurpriza - pasirodyti ant slenkscio be jokio perspejimo. Po to savaitele visus lankem ir sventem. Kai jau pradejom galvoti apie rasyma, be jokio ispejimo uzsilenke musu laptopas, kuriame yra visos nuotraukos :((( Taigi dabar esame "strige" kol Nissanas, kuriame yra atsargines nuotrauku kopijos, atplauks i Vokietija. Trumpai tariant, reportazai tesis kai kita savaite grisime is Hamburgo!

O Lietuvoj tai tikrai labai smagu :))

Linkejimai visiems Amerikos Lietuviams ir.... rimtai pagalvokit apie grizima Tevynen!!! :)))

vaiva on October 10, 2006

laba diena. o tai jums sugrizus i kauna jau tuo viskas ir baigesi??? nei nauju "update", nei skelbimu lentoj zinuciu... na, as suprantu, kad smagu ten jums visiems, bet zinokit, mes toliau kelioniu nuotykiu laukiam! praktiskai visi Amerikos lietuviai :)

Zee & Dovi on October 4, 2006

Hi Erin,
All our trip reports up to Day 70 are about driving down to Costa Rica. You can also check the Tips for the Road. Enjoy the ride! :)

Erin on October 3, 2006

Would love to get some info on driving down t Costa Rica with our trailer. Do you have any advice?

Z&D on October 1, 2006

Hola Dylan and Julia! Actually, we made it to the very bottom (like the Cubans say, Hasta la victoria siempre!). Just click on the progress indicator picture and it will open up the complete map of our route, or if you need more evidence, check out www.go-panamerican.com/ushuaia.php page :))) Good luck with the rest of your trip!

Dylan & Julia on September 30, 2006

Buenos Dias Zee and Dovi, During the duration of my own trip Ive lost track of your adventure, but from reading your message boards last few pages, your in cuba and have decided to stop before Patagonia? Well irregardless, youve had a good run and inspired my girlfriend and to attempt a similar, albeit shorter, trip. We too have cut our trip (Phoenix to Panama City and back) short. We`ve found so much to see and do in MX that we couldnt justify driving south of Mexico city in the tree months we have to travel. The first two trips have been awesome, my pathy is still running strong, but 6 weeks of language school has still not produced fluent spanish speakers! One more month of practice to go. Thanks again for your recording your adventures and sharing them with the travel community. If your interested, check out my blog at www.losdiariospathfinder.blogspot.com Take care of yourselves and each other.
Cuidate, Dylan

rimwis on September 26, 2006

Aisku, pas mus ne Karibai, bet orai Lietuvelej laikosi irgi fantastiski - jau rugsejo pabaiga, o dar tikra vasara uz lango...

Zee & Dovi on September 26, 2006

Hey guys! Just a quick note to let you all know that Fidel is doing great and nothing bad is going to happen to the Cuban socialism in the nearest future... and the furthest either, judging from what the locals say. Internet here is almost non-existent, costs $6/hour, so you'll just have to wait a bit longer for more updates. From Cuba with love! Z&D

Zi & Dovi on September 26, 2006

Hola! Naujienos is Kubos:
1.Interneto cia, galima sakyti, nera. Retose vietose, kur yra, $6/val. Uz tat yra labai daug socializmo!
2.Fidelis jauciasi gerai. Aplankem, nunesem geliu puokste. Perdave linkejimu Lietuvos komjaunuoliams. Kol kas tikrai nemirs. Kazin ar is viso kada...
3.Karibai yra Karibai, net ir socialistinej Kuboj. Jura ir oras kompensuoja visus nepatogumus.
Tiek siam kartui naujienu, turim skubet atgal i pliaza :) Su meile is Kubos! Z&D

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