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Zee & Dovi on June 28, 2006

Hi Y! Thank you! Thank you for pointing our attention to the circles! We knew that something was wrong, but we could not find out what was happening. Only after looking at the map we realized that the car is pulling to the left. Our left wheel is smaller!!!! :)))))) Anyway... Will you come to party with us in Chile or in Argentina??

Labas Vilmi! Gandus del Afrikos privalome paneigti. Taciau Andu virsunese padejome nauja Nissano testavimo programa - ziurime ar masinyte sugebetu iveikti Aliaskos kelius. Katik issiaiskinome kad tokiam klimatui turetumem smarkiai padidinti vyno ir kitu sildanciuju medziagu talpas. Dabar montuojam viksrus... O programa - senas geras Photoshopas. Kaip visada, buckiai ir glamones is lotynu Amerikos.

Zee & Dovi on June 28, 2006

To Dylan -
We carry only one spare. We thought about taking two (Pathfinder has space for 2 full size spares), but then decided against it due to extra weight. We do have a regular foot pump and a can of the slime that is supposed to seal a leaking tire. So far we've had only one flat - knock on wood! There are plenty of tire repair shops even in the smallest villages. We put new Yokohama Geolandr H-TS tires just before the trip and they still have about 5-6mm of thread remaining. If your spare tire is outside, put a lock on it!!
We did not go to any language schools during the trip. We are trying to get by with what we've learned in the university and ca, and... so far so good :) But sure a language school is a good idea, we've heard tons of positive feedback from people who went to one of those in San Cristobal, Mexico or Antigua, Guatemala. Most importantly, you will enjoy the trip much much more if you speak the language!

And here are some recent discoveries -
1. Take more than one spare oil filter, coz you never know how long the trip will last (ours was supposed to be a 3-month trip :)).
2. Cheap windshield wiper refill blades quit working in 3 months - invest in something decent, and do not forget the rear one if your car has it.
3. Spare drivers license is a real money saver. If the police get you for speeding, illegal turns, etc, they will say that your drivers license must stay with them, you must go and pay huge fine at a bank and collect your license in 3 days, etc etc... just to get some cash from you on the spot. Their attitude changes really fast when they see that you do not care - most likely you will be free of the hook or with minimal damadge if you know you can leave your dl for them as a souvenir :) Just get a replacement for your 'lost' dl from the local DMV and also get IDP from AAA.
Preparation is a lot of fun, almost as good as the trip itself! Enjoy ;)

Vilmis on June 27, 2006

o su kokia programa jūs pirmame puslapyje tą žemėlapiuką braižotę ?

Vilmis on June 27, 2006

> www.transglobalhighway.com
tai gal jūs iš karto į Afriką kelsitės ? :)

igal on June 26, 2006

Dear friends
I see you start driving in circles
hoping you enjoy your great trip
see you !!

Dylan on June 25, 2006

Z & D, Hi guys! Your recent posts are making me want to extend my central american road trip even further south. My girlfriend and I are set to leave in late July and are still making the final preparations. A couple of questions if you have time: How many spare tires do you have? Do you have a repair kit/inflator pump? Also, we're hoping to spend 3 weeks at a language school North of D.F. at the beginning of our trip. Do you know of any particularly good schools? Keep writing those Diarios de Pathfinder!

Z on June 24, 2006

To the Apollo girls: the news have been posted, more coming up some time soon :) we miss you too!

To Chrigu: thought you might want to know that we saw two (not one!) new Subarus in Lima a couple days ago, but have not seen a service center yet. In the worst case, you might be able to trade parts with the owners of the two Subarus once you reach Peru :))

Erika, Marta & Kristina on June 20, 2006

Hola Amigos!
Just checking on you to see if you have any current trip postings. Glad to hear that you are still enjoying your long...long....long....trip. ; )
We still miss you both!
Hugs & Kisses!

Gorka on June 19, 2006

Check your mail, we need some more details on the Galapagos :)

Zee & Dovi on June 17, 2006

Since this trip is kind of turning towards the end, we started thinking of new ideas. Here´s a good one - http://www.transglobalhighway.com/
Feel free to use it, before we do :)))))

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