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Zee & Dovi from Huaraz, Peru on June 16, 2006

Hi Ian,
Don´t worry, you probably won´t die during your trip accross the Americas! We made it to Peru in about 4 months & are still alive and happier than ever!! For detailed info you can read our daily trip reports (they´re under Trip Progress on the left) as well as Trip Statistics and Tips for the Road. Good luck on the road! :)

Ian on June 15, 2006

I realized the absurdity of my post only moments after committing these thoughts to cyberspace. Such a certainty (the fate of any travel through South/Central America sealed in death) would make having this conversation in the first place very difficult. So, somewhat bashfully, allow me to redirect my query.

What trouble (if any) have you encountered over the course of this journey? Any moments when you did, in fact, fear for your safety or life? Do you see such situations being more of a problem for me, a lone traveller?

Thanks so much and sorry for not giving enough consideration to the context of my audience before bleating out silly questions.

Ian on June 15, 2006

That's great, guys!!! The best of luck for what remains of your trip. After checking out the map delineating your intended destination, it appears I will be following in your very footsteps shortly. No plans to see Brazil though?

Ian on June 15, 2006

Hi all!

I am currently amidst the preparations for a trip of unknown extent through South America. Before I embark upon such an ambitious journey (I will be driving there), however, I must alleviate a fairly formidable concern. As perhaps any good mother would, mine has taken upon herself the responsibility of ensuring my safety. In the process of amassing an arsenal of horrific fates awaiting the unwitting tourist and sure to lay in store for me, she has convinced herself of my inevitable death. One lady, in particular, quite bluntly confided that she may as well give up any hope of ever seeing me again.

Not surprisingly, she is terrified, and has quite frankly begun to worry me. Perhaps naively, however, I find such notions a tad extreme. Don't get me wrong. I would be a fool to dismiss the innumerable risks almost certain to become realities along my way, risks by no means precluding the possibility of death. But to say I can expect this fate, that there is positively no way to survive this journey alive...I find hard to believe. All the same, I value life greatly and thus hesitate to take such claims lightly. If I would do well to heed these warnings--if, indeed, my fate is sealed from the start--I cannot justify the potential benefits of this trip against such a cost and will be forced to cancel my plans.

If anybody can offer advice or information, I would greatly appreciate it.


Zee & Dovi on June 15, 2006

Gorka, Ecuador report is in your Gmail box. Send us somenthing on Peru, please! And of course we remember Xabi. We´ll sure try to meet him if we make it to Brazil :))))

Gorka on June 14, 2006

Hola txabales,

That email would be nice.....I think Galapagos is out of our way because it would mean expending too many days and there are plenty of places to visit, but it may depend on your comments about the country.

As I said yesterday; we have been to Peru, Chile, Argentina and Cuba so if you need any specific info let me know.

I was not there, but a friend of mine told me that the Atacama desert is a must.

By the way do you remember Xabi? my London based friend. He happens to be expending a few months in Brazil, currently in the Salvador do Bahía area. Let me know if you would like to get in touch with him, he already expend some time in Brazil last year so he probably knows his way around and could be helpful.


Zee & Dovi on June 13, 2006

Hola Gorka!
3 days in Galapagos is way too little. You will just waste a lot of $$$ and see almost nothing. Quito is beautiful and a lot of fun, and so is Cuenca. We will send you an email with more info.

Gorka on June 13, 2006

I just read yesterday you were in Cuenca, is it as nice as expected?

What about Quito? Are you not getting there? It is supposed to be one of the nicest cities of the continent!

If you give me some good tips on Ecuador I would exchange them for info on Perú, Chile, Argentina or Cuba :)

I should be able to provide some good info on those countries


Gorka on June 13, 2006


Recibimos la postal de las Galápagos, muchas gracias.

Si os soy sincero lo de las moscas ya lo sabía. En algunos sitios del sur de España emplean el mismo método. Lo que pasa es que también suelen poner botellas de agua en las puertas de las casas para evitar las micciones (meadas) de los perros y pensé que tenía gracia :) sobre todo por lo absurdo.

Ya os dije que iremos a Ecuador de vacaciones en agosto, merecen la pena las Galápagos teniendo en cuenta que sólo podríamos ir unos 3 días? qué más habéis visto del país? os ha gustado?


D&Z on June 12, 2006

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