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Tetis on June 11, 2006

Ačiū už sveikinimus

tom on June 11, 2006


pia on June 9, 2006

hi guys, great work! it is so nice checking out the photos, as soon as i upload mine i will send them to u. hope all is well in your world, love pia x

Zee & Dovi on June 9, 2006

To Dylan: Spear-gun?.. Just say that it’s for self defense :)))) If seriously, the only place where they somewhat checked our luggage was El Salvador. Mostly they just ask you to open the trunk, feel your bags by hands and do not dig deep. Probably it would not hurt to have some sort of spear-gun permit translated into Spanish and notarized - border officials love papers with stamps! Regarding camping: in most countries you are free to camp where ever you want, but some say that it is not safe to camp alone on deserted beaches, and in Honduras we were warned by locals not to camp anywhere - muchos ladrones! It is not easy to find nice and well developed campgrounds, and sometimes it is not even worth to camp - $8 for a camp site vs $12 for a hotel room. Yet we have seen some paradise-like campgrounds in Mexico! Get a good guide book (Lonely Planet or Footprint, or both), if there are no campgrounds in the area, you can always ask people to camp on their property, and consider purchasing a tent that is affixed on the roof of the car - it’s very quick to set up and very comfy!

Zee & Dovi on June 9, 2006

To Mike: Colombia... We really wanted to go there, but were quite concerned about the security situation, so we started asking around. Got in contact with some people who live in Colombia, and their opinions about crossing the country by car were mostly: ’’No, No, No’’, ’’You must be nuts’’, ’’Nobody will ever even know where you disappeared’’. On the positive note, they said that it would be completely safe to travel from city to city by air, and a bit riskier to take buses. But driving around with Californian license plates was a very bad idea according to the Colombians themselves... so we skipped it for now :)

Dylan on June 9, 2006

Hey Guys, Still vicariously enjoying your adventures from AZ. We're totally jealous of you guys being in the Galapagos. Setting out for a central american tour of our own in late january. Do you have any advice about camping? How about safety issues. Also, im interested in doing some spearfishing during the trip. Would it be problematic to bring a rather auspicious speargun in my car across borders? Keep on keeping on. Hope to see you on the road on your trip back!
Cuidate, Dylan

mike on June 7, 2006

what's up guys! first of all i want to congratulate u guys for this amazing adventure!! i have a question though...i wish u can answer it: why u guys didnt pass by colombia??? i am from peru but i live in san diego and i want to drive from sd to lima! so i was cheking ur website to get some helpfull information...thanks a lot and good luck ith the rest of the trip

Tėtis on June 7, 2006

Fantastinė nuotraukytė kur stovi pusiaujuje.
Dar reikėtų poros nuotraukų - vienos Šiaurės poliuje, kitos Pietų - butų unikali kolekcija


Zee & Dovi from Quito, Ecuador on June 6, 2006

Hi Adi & Stefan!
All we can say is wish you guys were here/ or wish we
were there having the great time with you! :) Have a
wonderful time in SoCal (Kristina is a 90% angel, no
question about it! :)) and good luck with the final
preparations! We look forward to the news from the
road :) Besos y abrazos *)

adi & stefan on June 6, 2006

hola companeros,
we have finally arrived in costa mesa and are busy with the last minute preparations for the start of our mission. kristina helps us out with everything. she is an angel!
thank you guys for the dia rea music corner. our website will be online in a few days. we'll link back to yours.
the bus runs great and ey, you know what tbe hummer looked like on saturday afternoon on main road in huntington beach? like compact cars :)
hugs and kisses to you beautiful people.
adi & stefan

and this goes out to all ya nasty spamers: nobody ever looks at your dumb shit! give it up. it is as boring as you are.

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