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QUIZ REMINDER on May 21, 2006

Hi people!
You have 10 more days to try and win a beautiful postcard from the Galapagos. Use your imagination! Once again, this is the question:

Imagine a transparent plastic bag filled with water so it looks like a balloon. In Honduras, you can see lots of such water bags hanging on the walls, from the ceilings, at the entrances or at the windows of nearly every restaurant, café, bar, hotel room or grocery store. In your opinion, what is the purpose of the bags?


Dar 10 dienu galite bandyti atsakyti i puikios Galapagu atvirutes verta klausima (veliau musu cia jau nebebus :)). Pakartojame uzduoti:

Honduro kavinese, restoranuose, viesbuciuose, parduotuvese ir gyvenamuose namuose daznai galima pastebeti skaidrius, vandens pripildytus polietileninius maiselius, kabancius palubese, ties langais ir durimis. Kaip manote, kokia siu maiseliu paskirtis?

Dovi on May 21, 2006

Dagi ir A.,
Aciu uz dalyvavima! Atvirutes su teisingu atsakymu - jau pakeliui i Lietuva ;) Linkejimai katinams nuo Galapagu vezliu :))

Dagis on May 21, 2006

Ju isskiriama dregme nusodina dulkes??????:)

chriguhose on May 21, 2006

Hey Guys,

I've enjoyed reading your site very much and since my wife and I are planning for a almost identical trip this summer all the information i've found was most helpful. Now i've only got to convince my wife of the 2000W power inverter and we are good to go... ;-)

Currently i've got two questions that bug me, any comment would be highly appreciated.

- Have you purchased a "Carne de Passage en Douane" to bring your vehicle to Ecuador or other countries?
- Have you seen any Subaru's? We're planning on bringing our Subaru Outback to the trip.

Enjoy life and keep on posting.

on May 21, 2006

Привет Зи
Как дела
Молодцы , сделать такой тур
Я снимаю шляпу


Dovi & Z on May 19, 2006

To Dylan:
Yes, the car is doing very well so far. We have only spent $5 on repairs and even that was due to a poor welding job done before the trip (you can check out Day 23 report if you are interested in the details of the $5 expense :)). Also right before the trip the transfer case failed and we ended up with a $2600 bill, but that caused by us severely misusing the 4WD mode and does not stain Nissan’s reputation. If the car continues to perform the same way it did up till now, it will earn a 5-star rating!
It’s really hard to give any advice as this is our first major trip and we do not know how it would go if we drove an older or a newer car. Reliability is one of the main benefits of newer cars – parts are not yet worn out and unlikely to fail, no leaks, no overheating, no strange noises. We decided that a car with about 60-80K miles would have enough life for such trip because most major repairs start at about 120-150K. If the mileage is the same, for example 70K, a 1996 car is probably nearly as reliable a 2001, but is cheaper and less attractive (and that’s what we wanted).
If you stick to the main roads and cities, a 2001 Pathfinder definitely will not stand out (just saw a brand new Ferrari in Panama City). But as we are making many side trips, quite often our car is one of the better looking and we do receive comments “nice car!”. Also as a result of the side trips, one of the back doors has been dented and both doors have been scratched so bad that a paint job will be needed. By the way, one nice feature of the older model Pathfinder is steel bumpers (as opposed to plastic bumper covers installed in most newer cars) – they give you much more confidence and “maneuverability” in city traffic :))))
For our future trips, if the budget allows, we’ll try to upgrade to Nissan Patrol with a turbo diesel engine. It’s slightly bigger, much more powerful, economic, and turbo performs much better on high mountain roads (or so we heard :)) Unfortunately this model is not available in the states, or at least in CA.

Dovi ir Zi on May 19, 2006

Dagi ir A.
uz aktyvuma jau po atvirute beveik uzsitarnavot, bet teisingo atsakymo kol kas dar nera. Bandykit dar! Sufleruojam: maiseliu paskirtis labai buitiska, susijusi su svara :)

Dagis on May 18, 2006

Gal tada nervams raminti-ziuri i vandeni,atsipalaiduoja...
o gal taip ora drekina?...

A.- viktorinos dalyvis. on May 17, 2006

Tikriausia įsivaizduoja, kad nuo jų dieną - vėsiau, o naktį - šviesiau.

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