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Z&D on May 14, 2006

Labas Vilmi,
Linkas apie Cuba labai cool. Dabar renkam ir virskinam informacija. Dar nezinom, kaip tiksliai pasielgsim, bet butinai reikia suspeti kol Fidelis neuzsilenke :-))))

Z&D on May 14, 2006

Sveiki tautieciai,

buvom porai savaiciu strige Panamos kanalo sliuzuose, o po to dar ir Ekvadoro muitinej, bet dabar jau viskas gerai - ir mes ir masina esam laisvi ir pasiruose pradeti antraji keliones etapa per ´blogaja´ zemes puse. Rytoj iskrendame pas Galapagu vezliukus!

Taip pat turim svieziu reportazu, kurius pasistengsim greit uzdeti.

Besos y Abrazos (Vertimas: Buckiai ir Glamones)

Z ir D

ken bingham on May 11, 2006

Thanks guys !!I just got that great Tocuan post card- Pretty Fast. Thank You !!I sure hope I get at least another card at the end of your long trek!

Vilmis on May 10, 2006

Matau jog vis nerimstate dėl Kubos ;)
Tai kai turėsitę laisvą valandėlę, galitę paskaityti įspūdžius iš ten:

Zee & Dovi to KD: on May 8, 2006

We did some great diving in Bocas, they have some of the most beautiful coral there, perhaps even more impressive than that of Roatan. But the visibility in Bocas is very poor due to the abundant plankton, so the big fish (which the place is famous for) were not really visible :)) However, we saw our first 2 nurse sharks while diving in Bocas, and one of them was really HUGE!! Amazing.
In general, the islands are very pretty and much cheaper than Roatan, but if we had to choose to go back to one of them, that would be to Roatan :)))

You should be able to make it to Panama with some basic knowledge of Spanish. You´ll probably have to hire an English-speaking guide when going through customs. Nobody speaks any English there, while, unfortunately, you have to talk to the customs officials a lot, especially when doing the car paperwork. But there are lots of English-speaking "border guides" that come up running toward you as soon as they see a foreign car approach, you won´t miss them for sure :)
The only thing you are going to miss is talking to the locals. Almost nobody speaks any English in the little towns and villages you are going to cross, while the exclusive beauty Central America is mainly in the incredibly friendly people you meet along the road.
Good luck & let us know if you have more questions. You can check our Tips for the Road page and daily reports for additional advice.

Zee & Dovi, still from Panama Ci on May 8, 2006

Hi people! We are still in Panama City, stuck here until the end of time...

Just kidding!:) the Nissan is already on the boat to Ecuador, and we are also finally leaving Panama tomorrow. Besides - miracles happen! - at the very last moment (literaly!) we met some people from Brasil who wanted to share a 40ft container with us (what saved us around $500 per car!). Some additional pain-in-the-butt paperwork and some extra days in Panama, but it was worth it :)

Well, stay safe all of you, don´t forget to visit our new pages (Downloads & Dia Rea Music Corner), and keep writing, we also want to know how you are doing wherever you are! :)

talk to you from Ecuador.
love, zee & dovi

KD on May 7, 2006

Sorry guys for not giving you my email address, k1damico@juno.com, How was Bocas? I own property there! Thanks

KD on May 7, 2006

Congratulations on making it to Panama. I am considering making the drive from the US to Panama very soon. Would the trip have been possible if someone could not speak and understand spanish?

Vilmis on May 5, 2006

Klausinėjau TJ kaip ten būtų įmanoma pas jus ant galinės sėdynės atsidurti, ale sako kad labai jūsų grafikas neaiškus :)

Domukas on April 30, 2006

Laiškučių nerašau, bet aš jus įdėmiai seku.
Mėgstu tokia televizijos laidą La Lai La ir laukiu kokių nors pokštų - gal kas nors juokingo ir jums atsitiks - tada atsiūskite man filmuota medžiagą, o aš perduosiu televizijai - gal ką nors laimėsiu.

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