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Mindaugas on April 29, 2006

Sveiki keliauninkai!
Norejau pasidalinti ir su Jumis idomia ideja, tikiuosi prisijungsit:

Linkiu visokeriopos sekmes
P.S. Zilvi parasyk e-mail'a, nes nezinau kaip kitaip su tavim susisiekti

Sandra on April 28, 2006

:)) jega, as uz (Galapagus)! Ir siaip, nesuprantu, kodel manes nera ant galines jusu Nissano sedynes :(

Dovi on April 28, 2006

Sandraite! Labas, prazuvele :)
Musu paraleliniame pasaulyje ir taip per daug realybes! Sedim jau beveik savaite Ciudad de Panama ir skambinejam visiems laivams - niekas nenori pigiai musu Nissano perkelti i Ekvadora :( Kapitonas Berto pasiule per didele kaina :)))
Mes jusu pasiilgom irgi! Ka manot apie susitikima, pvz Galapagu salose mazdaug uz 2 savaiciu? ;)

Visiems linkejimai is Panamos sostines! Pasiulymas del Galapagu galioja visiems, ypac prisizadejusiam musu Ekvadore laukti TJui!! :)

ken on April 27, 2006

Message to Kate 25th

shipping containers to Honduras !

Z on April 27, 2006

Hi Ken,
I assume you are in Tampa, Florida? I am not sure if a direct shipment to Roatan will go through. Roatan is a really small place and I have not noticed customs offices there, which most likely would be required to clear a shipment comming from the USA. A better option would be shipping to La Ceiba on the main land, clearing customs there and then taking Captain Berto (or a real boat :-))) to the island. But I cannot tell for sure that international shipping to Roatan is not possible.
Here´s a list of shipping companies with offices in the USA:
Yet I noticed that bigger companies like the ones listed above either do not ship vehicles, or do not like dealing with small fish like us :-) You might have to go through a shipping agent or cargo consolidator. Just google ¨ship car (or vehicle) usa central america¨.
Good luck and may the force be with you!

Sandra on April 27, 2006

jo, o dar yra abejojanciu apie paraleliniu pasauliu egzistavima :) dziaukites, jus dabar tikrai paraleliniam - amzinos fiestos - pasauly gyvenat. Kada gi back to reality (=Lietuva)?
Suprantu,kad klausimas juokingas :))
pasiilgom nezmoniskai

Jerry O on April 25, 2006

Day 35 of the unloading from
could not go thru all the fun(?)
you guys are having. Keep on
APOLLO needs your help !!!

Ken on April 24, 2006

I'd love the info about the 40' container.looking into from Tampa to roatan kenpatbin@hotmail.com

Kate Comiskey on April 23, 2006

You sent us a message about sharing a container in a couple weeks...I am so bummed that I did not get the message a little earlier! We just shipped and are now waiting in Ecuador. Email me if you need a good company - we paid $1300 for a 40 ft container.
Kate - kcomiskey@hotmail.com

Patrick on April 22, 2006

Mailing address: ken Bingham 2852 willamette st #113 eugene oregon 97405 kenpatbin@hotmail.com
I lived on Roatan and loved roatan and La cebia. to bad you didn't go to Yahoo roatan chat room before you got there. might have found some good info!!

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