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Zee & Dovi on April 21, 2006

Greetings from Bocas del Toro to Patrick, the winner of the quiz! Shame on the rest - what happened to your imagination???
Patrick, please e-mail us your address to fuego@go-panamerican.com so we could send you the prize.

patrick on April 21, 2006

Sure your car made it. I hate to guess on dent's. and you sound a little like loney planet on La Cebia. May 20th is carnival they have 5th largest in Latin America.
The paris Hoetl is the greatest in El centro.Ask for Shorty and everything is safe!! Great report. I' follow along from now on good luck!

Dovi ir Z on April 21, 2006

Labas Zmones,

Jums liko 24 valandos isbandyti laime Go-Panamerikos viktorinoje :-) Rytoj paskelbsime atsakyma ir niekas negausite be galo mielos atvirutes! Pakartojame klausima:

"Jei norite suzinoti istorijos pabaiga, teks palaukti ateinacios dienos reportazo :) O kol laukiate, pameginkite atspeti, kiek is dvieju masinu - musu Nissano ir Michelles Fordo -laimingai atplauke I Roatana. Pirmajam teisingai atspejusiam - prizas: atvirute su linkejimais is Costa Ricos! :)"

Judinkite smegenis!

Z & Dovi on April 20, 2006

Hey people,

It's your last chance to try your luck in the quiz of Day 34, or else we're posting Day 35 report tomorrow and will have to send postcards to ourselves!

Here's the quiz reminder:
"Stay tuned to find out if our Nissan and Michelle's Ford made it to Roatan. In the meantime, the first one who guesses the correct ending of the story, will get a postcard from Costa Rica (or wherever we are at that time)!! Please post your versions on the message board! :)"

Move your butts!

Z on April 20, 2006

Sorry Erica, but we had to censor your message :-)))) Still not ready to go back to reality!

Erika da Great on April 20, 2006

Hello Darlings!
Sorry to put a damper on this message board, but spoke with the XXXX and he wants to know if XXXX is somewhere in your horizon. If not please let me know so I can XXXXXX XXXXX. No worries, just have fun. Still miss you both a ton. Hugs! Erika

Your Cheri :) on April 20, 2006

I'm not gonna claim any prises, but so people know, it's a "Шестёра" :)))))

Z & Dovi on April 19, 2006

Hi Stefanie,
Thank you for the message and the offer to help! Sure La Ceiba is not the place for leaving valuable things :-) So we've decided to drag our car along to the island. If you have time, read our Day 34 report to see what we had to go through to put it on a boat and try to guess the ending of the ordeal :-)))

Zee & Dovi on April 19, 2006

Labas rytas & Greetings from Puerto Viejo de Talamanca! Since we are about to leave Costa Rica (probably tomorrow), it's time to announce the winner of the 'taxi quiz'!...

Congratulations to Erika - straight to the point, Zhiguli Model #6 it was!!!!! (aka Lada 2106)
By the way, the streets of Nicaragua are full of old Soviet cars, especially Zhiguli Model 1 to 11. Felt kind of strange to suddenly go back in time :)

We have no doubt Erika didn't consult any people from former Soviet Union countries before answering the quiz question :)) but we'd also like to thank Roberto and Ramsey for the participation - all three of you are getting postcards with hugs and kisses from Costa Rica!!

Ramsey and Roberto, please e-mail us your mailing addresses to fuego@go-panamerican.com

Z on April 19, 2006

Renatai G: truputi pabuciavo...

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