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Z on March 26, 2006

Sveiki Zmones,

Siandien paskutinis vakaras Roatane. Visi salos gyventojai renkasi i Violetinio Vezliuko bara svesti musu isleistuviu - itariam, kad bus linksma, nes girdejom kalbas apie Giluminio Nardymo Tekiloje kursa... Per dvi savaites ish paprastu burbuliatoriu patapome Aukstesnio Lygio Atviruju Vandenu Narais (tiesioginis vertimas). Tarp kitko nardymas su rykliais nera toks pavojingas kaip atrodo - jie paprastai medzioja tik del maisto ir renkasi auka kuri atrodo silpnesne taigi is visos grupes paprastai negrizta tik vienas naras, kuris plaukioja leciausiai... Jau turim ir nauju reportazu - uz poros dienu turetu pasirodyti musu tinklapyje!

Dovi on March 26, 2006

Greetings from West End, Roatan! Believe it or not, we are still here and are not even considering leaving any time soon - this place is just way too cool!! :)

Just kidding, would love to stay here much longer, but gotta get back on the road, so we are leaving Roatan tomorrow...and taking our PADI Anvanced Open Water Diver certificates with us! :) The exam went just fine, it was all pure fun... 10 dives by now, and we are still alive! and very, very happy :)
Will try to catch up with the reports as soon as we get going.
Talk to you in a couple of days, probably from Nica.
Hugs & kisses

PS Cannot promise anything about the "sober" part - tonight is our farewell party (and every other night in West End is some kind of party also :)))

dalia on March 25, 2006

kazkas nerealaus!aciu uz pasveikinima su Velykom..sekmes ir seksim naujienas.

Marta on March 24, 2006

How did the scuba diving test go? Did the spargalkes survive under water?
Any pictures? I just cannot wait for your updates :)

Jerry O on March 23, 2006

Hi Z&D; I enjoy your wonderful travel commentary. wish I was with you. Don't post your pix of each other. you all looked BUSHED>!
'Having fun' is what it's all about.
stay sober, healthy and safe.
warm regards, JERRY

Your Cheri :) on March 21, 2006

On this picture, Zee's on the right, right? :)

dagis on March 21, 2006

Kaip jums sekasi keliauninkai?

Z & D on March 18, 2006

Hello people, how are you? Just to let you know - please do not expect updates for at least a few more days. No, the laptop OK. We have signed up for scuba diving course which we expected to be fun and relaxing. Instead we are learning to dive and reading instruction books from early morning to late night. Tomorrow is the final exam! There is so much to learn that we are preparing little hidden notes (spargalkes in lithuanian)...

Gorka on March 16, 2006

aquí viendo la página con unos colegas

muy bien txabales, estamos todos de envidia

te funciona el portátil, llevas días sin actualizar.....no, todo lo que escribes no me lo leo

Ooo_Yahwn on March 16, 2006

Labas ritas Zee & Dovi!
Finally managed to view this site. Happy to know that you are both enjoying your trip. We miss you both!

; ) erika

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