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Dalbir on February 28, 2006

Dear people who have little to no idea who I am . . . I've finally decided to go on a trip too!

It's Day 1 and I plan on walking around the Kaunas neighborhood of Romainiai -- no that's not a misprint. Here, in Lithuania, throwing in an extra letter "I" never hurts location names, such as Druskininkai or Siauliai.

Tajus (our baby boy) and Noira (the family dog) are joining me on my exciting trip. According to legend, Noira is named after the French word "Noir" for black, because she is covered in black fur. I'm not sure why Tajus is named Tajus, and as of yet, Tajus has not explained it to us.

Wow, just a few steps out of the house and it looks like this will be a great trip. Why? Well, here in Romainiaiai, it is required by law for every family to have a vicious guard dog that barks at every passerby.

Oh no, little Noira is taunting a giant dog behind an electric fence. (Large electric fences were created to keep out the Soviet army). Unfortunately, I find myself yelling "NOIRA!" loudly for the bulk of my trip, much to the confusion of the locals.

"Why is that dark-skinned fellow yelling out Blacky! in French?" asks an elderly Lithuanian man, while hold back his drolling attack dog. "I'm not sure," says his wife, who calls the Jungtis security company -- the company to protect you when attack dogs and electric fences are not enough.

One thing is for sure, Romainiaiaiai must be a very safe neighborhood. Stay away Soviets!

Well, it's the musical sound of Jungtis sirens, so I guess it's time for Noira, Tajus, and I get back home. We can't wait for our next adventure!

Jura on February 28, 2006

Mama Muse, o Dovilei irgi reikia i kaili duoti - juk ne Zilvinas vienas kaltas :)

O siaip tai zinoma, kad bus spaudimas! Ar nezinot, kad visi TravelChannel ziurovai Lietuvoje perejo prie sito puslapio!? Taip kad - Lietuva i jus ziuri! (kas akivaizdu is statistics...)

Jurka on February 28, 2006

Cha cha cha - Zilvinas lupti gaus!!!


Due to unexpected technical difficulties the pics for the 5 most recent days will appear tomorrow (or so we hope :))

SVARBUS PRANESIMAS on February 28, 2006

Del techniniu kliuciu, 5-kiu naujausiu dienu nuotraukos pasirodys tik rytoj (geriausiu atveju :))

Z on February 28, 2006

Tiems kurie prashe musu nuotrauku.. uzkrovem kelias, bet daugiau nedesim. Bijom kad smuks tinklalapio lankomumas. Gerekites gamtos vaizdais - mus pamatysit kai grishim :-)

Dovi on February 28, 2006

Sitose Kristobalo Kasose, kur siandien atvaziavom, ziauriai salta ir puse dienos lijo!! Kas ten minejo kazkokia tai karsta Meksikos saule??.. :))

Z on February 28, 2006

Web site statistics by number of hits:
2840 Lithuania
1956 US Commercial
789 Mexico
382 Czech Republic
86 Poland
68 US Educational
40 France
35 Canada
28 Costa Rica
22 Belgium
21 United States
16 Latvia
8 Seychelles
5 Brazil
1 United Kingdom

There have been more, but in about 40% of cases countries could not be identified by the server...

Dovi on February 28, 2006

Vaiva, tu buk zmogus, nors skyrybos klaidas suredaguok pries spausdindama, nes as ir lietuviu kalbos skyrybos taisykles jau senokai issivaiksciojom skirtingomis kryptimis :) Grizus i LT griebsiu 5tos klases vadoveli :)))

Z on February 28, 2006

To Kris: I studied the maps really hard, but there is no Birmingham anywhere on the Pan-Am. Lets meet in Rio :-))))

To Igor: Discovered new drinking rule in Mexico. It concerns drinking in public - If you do, you have to share :-)

To Igal: Found a piece of land, on the beach, nice, cheap, but there are crocodiles in nearby marshes. Looking for another one.

To Everyone: Life is good :-)

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