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Vaiva on February 21, 2006

kaip supratau, Doviles gimtadienis buvo - tai sveikinimai skrenda ir is Cikagos! Linkiu patapti tikra zurnaliste - gera pradzia jau padaryta, o ji, kaip zinia, yra puse darbo :)

Turbavykas on February 20, 2006

Sveikinu su Gimimo Diena !!!

Y on February 20, 2006

still chcking your progress and your nice pictures.
Enjoy the moment do not think about tomorrow (only on the road Map :)).
have fun
miss you all !!!

Dagis on February 20, 2006


Tavo rankose yra trys įvairiaspalvės gėlės: praeitis, dabartis ir ateitis,
Gimimo dienos proga dovanojam Tau jas visas...
Džiaukis antrąja, neužmiršk pirmosios ir per anksti nenuskink trečiosios...
Su gimtadieniu!!!
Medute,Mariukas,Dagis, Giedre,Ramune, Mociute Aldute, Dede Rimas,Babyte ir Diedukas

Nerijus&Danute on February 20, 2006

Teaušta gražus gimtadienio rytas,
Tekloja takus balti rožiu žiedai,
Ir kaip lašas rasos, kaip klevai nematyti
SU GIMTADIENIU sveikinam sveikinam
geros keliones :)))
Nerijus&Danute Kaunas

Meduza on February 17, 2006

Sveiki keliauninkai,
Vaiva uzrode Jusu puslapi, shaunuoliai... originali ideja, nekantriai lauksiu naujienu.

P.S. linkejimai is Chicago, as jau irgi bures keliu, susitiksim pavasariop LTU:)

Ciukcia on February 16, 2006

Zilvine, zilvineli, jei gyvas isplauk pieno puta,
o jei linksmai keliaujantis, tai geltonais sortais isplauk...

Dalbir on February 16, 2006

On your posting for Day 4, there is a picture of someone darting out of the water. Assuming it was Pamela Anderson, I decided to enlarge the photo. Unfortunately, there was no silicon to be seen; rather, it was just some guy running out of the water. Admittedly, at first glance, I did become somewhat shocked/excited because it appeared as though the man was in a thong. A closer look however quickly erased that possibility. Nice imitation of Baywatch nonetheless. Thanks for Day 5, Tip 3, on where to watch for whales. Whales are phenomenal creatures. Here, in Lithuania, I find that the best place for whale watching is the Warehouses. On a good day, you can see three or four; usually, they have lots of makeup on. Bright Red lipstick is their favorite. Keep a tight hold on your spurga however, because the males are particularly aggressive. It sounds like you are really enjoying the outdoors and that's great, because nature really is a beautiful thing, especially if you can eat it! Good luck!

jerry on February 15, 2006

Be careful of the FAIRIES ON THE FERRY !! The weather report shows you are headed into a real bad SNOWSTORM !!(you may need your skis). Also be careful of the SAND CRABS...they bite your ass when no one is looking!! have lots of fun
in the sun.
P.S. I am saving your bi-weekly paychecks...

Dagis on February 15, 2006

Gal butu galima ideti daugiau jusu abieju nuotraukeliu

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