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Sasha on January 28, 2006

Hey, good luck on your trip. Make sure you post progress, notes and pictures promptly :)

JERRY O on January 27, 2006

U ALL are chicken littles. JET BLUE would be soooo mucho better !!!! Have Fun.....

See U ALL at rescue TIME ,

Big Jer ( no not JerK )

Z on January 20, 2006

BTW - we're not going to cross the Gap ourselves. There is no road, it's all jungle, drug trafickers, bandidos. Even if we wanted, our car would not make it. This is for someone who wants an extreme offroading or hiking adventure. We're shipping the car from Panama to either Ecuador or Colombia.

Z on January 20, 2006

Hey Tom!
Looks like you gonna have a great trip and support an important cause. Wish you good luck! We're not experts on The Gap, but we read a bit about the subject. For sure the best thing to do is to hear from the people who've been there. Check "Useful links" on our web site - you will find "The ultimate of two wheel travel". It is a link to the site of the guy who drove via the entire highway by bysicle. And even better, check "Recommended readings" link - you will find "Darien Gap Guide" by Patricia. She and her husband made several attempts to cross the gap. I e-mailed her a while ago and got very friendly and informative answers. Cheers!

Z on January 20, 2006

Sorry, sorry to keep you guys waiting. Turns out it is not so easy to quit a job :-) Our boss asked us to stay a little longer, so we had to postpone the start. But the good news is that now we have a firm departure date - February 1st we'll be rolling towards Mexican border. For sure!

caveman on January 14, 2006


caveman on January 14, 2006

I wish you well, and would like any info you can give me on crossing the Darien Gap (panama - Comumbia) as I want to do the complete Pan Am by bicycle starting from Prudhoe Bay June 2007. I want to do the trip to raise $$ for Diabetic Depression Research..


Siaube on January 10, 2006

Get your asses moving! I am getting too excited already... Also, the sooner you leave, the sooner you come where you belong:)

George on January 9, 2006

Have ya'll begun yet? I'm waiting to enjoy the trip vicariously.

Chinese Dude on November 4, 2005

It is an amazing site,and now I know whom is called "Professional"...
Hope to see more pics or join your crazy trips one day with yours without my damn business and girls...

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