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D on September 15, 2005

As an objective outsider, I must agree that Lithuania is a paradise of wonder and joy. The lakes are not only plentiful here, but they are full of beer. Hungry? Have a potato. Lithuanian potatoes are a rare delicacy, known as Spudaskis, and they are best eaten with beer, or what the locals call, "Purified Lake juice-as." When in Lithuania, you need to watch a basketball game; here, basketball is religion, and if you are not a believer in the great Sabonis, then you will be damned to an dreadful eternity of watching Latvians pulling up their basketball shorts. As for the nightlife, by day, Druskininkai seems to be a place where pensioners go to die, but at night, the pensioners drink from the city's central fountain and they become youths again, swarming the streets full of lust and vodka, wondering why they are not in Palanga. Beware though, in the morning, everything is back to usual and you may find yourself pulling dentures off of your lips. What can I say? Good luck on your trip. Sure, go ahead, try to run away all across the edge of the New World, but know this, you will find no El Dorado there, because it's right here, in Lithuania. Just look and you'll see it . . . after a few bottles of "Lake Juice-as", of course.

BaubasSiaubas on September 15, 2005

Good planning! And a cool website - you guys did a great job! But that shit about Canada... -20 on a good winter day is NOT that bad:) You just got spoilt in California. Shovelling snow is a GOOD workout and a great wa y to spend holidays:)
Anyway - hope you enjoy the salsa nights.

Z on August 20, 2005

Howdy Mac! 1943 Bedford in Africa :-)) Nice! If you are looking for a travel partner(s), checkout www.virtualtourist.com
or www.saexplorers.org message boards. You will find many posts from guys and gals who are getting ready for exciting trips and want to find a companion. BTW we'll use a 4x4 SUV - we're more of car-people :-)

Dovi on August 19, 2005

Hi Mac!
It's going to be more of a private trip, mostly because we don't have any fixed schedule and are not even planning to get one (meaning that if we like it very much in Cuba or Costa Rica, we may just stay there for a month or two...) Once we start moving, we will be posting our trip progress reports on our website as often as we get access to the Internet. Let us know if you are around at that time and we'll be very happy to meet you!

Mac on August 8, 2005

Hey Dudes, is this a private trip between you three or can anyone come. I've already spent a month or so in Peru, driven a 1943 Bedford down the length of Africa and after reading Danny Liska's Pan American trip I am getting my shit together to get on the move again. How are you travelling, by thumb or your own vehicles. I fancy doing it on my motorcycle!!!

Dovi on July 11, 2005

hi travelboy!
thanks for posting the very first message for us :) Meeting native "latinos" is certainly one of the major reasons we are going on this trip. As well as endless nights of salsa... :) can't wait to get started!

travelboy. on July 10, 2005

have a nice trip and remember that the best thing about central america is the people who live there.
very very freindly.

Z on June 24, 2005

Go-Panamerican.com is now officially open :-)

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