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Nate on January 5, 2011

my name is Nathan and I am planning a pan-American trip myself. My goal is to take off on the adventure next year about march and travel parts of the US and Canada during the summer months and then head south about October/November. I speak some Spanish but I am learning more every month; my goal is to hit up Brazil for Carnaval in 2013 (which means I am going to have to learn functional Portuguese). This is a lofty goal but I am a hard worker and I have been endowed with a good head on my shoulders. This is just a feeler and a shout out to other hopeful adventurers.

Pierre on December 3, 2010

Looking to join a caravan going through Mexico, from Nogales to Guatemala, or the opposite direction, sometime between Dec. 2010 and Feb 2011. Hope to cross Mexico relatively quickly. No time to smell the roses there. Destination is Panama. Driving a 1981 VW Vanagon. Contact me at viking2k9@gmail.com. Pierre

Palomina on November 19, 2010

I absolutely love this site, it's been very helpful. I'm a female looking to go from Arizona all the way to South America in late 2012 / early 2013. I'm already setting out plans and whatnot, I'd like to see about 15 countries and I'm looking at making the trip down there within 100-120 days, I don't know if I'd want to take a plane home after that or spend another 100-120 days driving back.

Anyway, I'm rambling! I'm obviously don't want to go alone, being a very blonde girl in her mid 20's traveling alone. I'm looking for anybody that wants to go with, the more the merrier! Anybody who would ever be interested, my email is reinedevitesse@aol.com.

And just for kicks - I do speak Spanish fluently, so I'm very helpful!

Dovi on November 9, 2010

Hey Tom, read through old messages in the board. There are comments from people who brought their pets along.

Danicer on September 28, 2010

Planning to drive from Belize to Panama..possibly colombia April 1st. Would love any budget advice, and friends who may want to join on the way! email at tommycabay@yahoo.com

Tom Oswalt on September 25, 2010

Oops:) contact e-mail- ktownboy915@comcast.net We are leaving early December 2010.

Tom Oswalt on September 25, 2010

Hey you all, My partner and I are driving from Knoxville,TN -Laredo,TX then to Panama City,Panama where we will be living. Just wondered if anyone could give me a ballpark idea about how many days it will take. We will probably not drive at night, and not do much sight seeing off of the Pan Am.Hwy . Also, anyone know the possibility of taking our 3 cats with us? Thanks!! Great website! Tom & Rick

Lorraine Matthews on September 1, 2010

Oh - wouldn't mind company for the ride through Guatemala to Nicaragua. Contact info: yaddaless@yahoo.com

Lorraine Matthews on September 1, 2010

Am solo 58-yr old Canadian woman in van from Oregon to at least Granada, Nicaragua to see if I'd like to base me there. In Hermosillo (9/1/10), heading to Mazatlan to see friends. Old hand at driving thru Mexico, Central America, am eager to go further (always). No problems so far, no reasons for fear despite news, articles. Same Mexico on Pacific route: friendly, kind, amazing.

Scott Benson on July 14, 2010

My family and I are moving to CR and making a trip by ground. Anyone interested in car pooling around the 29th or so of July would be welcomed.

my email is scottbenson@hotmail.com

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