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Pan American Highway links

If you have information to share with fellow tourists or offer any services/products related to traveling via the Pan-American route, please e-mail us at fuego@go-panamerican.com.

People who did it:

  • Rocinante's travel - 60,000 km journey via Pan American from New York in USA, to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, done by a Norwegian couple on a motorcycle, May 2000 - June 2001
  • Jeff & Linda - Pan American highway in 228 days, over 17000 miles. A jolly US couple made the trip by motorcycles in 1999
  • Crazy Johnsons - They sold everything they had and became modern Beduins. Buenos Aires - Tierra del Fuego - Bogota by motorcycle in 1997. Interesting detour - a week in Antarctica
  • Another biker trip - Miami to Rio de Janeiro on a bike, 26,000 miles on a motorcycle, lots of photos (hidden, you have to click on underlined words)
  • More bikers? Maybe this is some Che-effect... - 3 French guys did a trip from New York to Buenos Aires via Pan American in 2003-2003. Lots of photos, just make sure you view the French version of the web site because it seams that they had no time to finish the English page.
  • The ultimate of two wheel travel - entire Pan American by bicycle, alone, 15,233.98 miles in 261 days, 3.6 miles in Antarctica. The only rival to this 18 year old kid would be Forest Gump. A lot of focus on the help from God, so non-religious travelers may be a little discouraged :-)
  • Volcanos - webpage dedicated to volcano lovers, travellers, climbers, photographers and adventurers interested in climbing or getting close to "active volcanos", geysers, and hot springs. Has some valuable information about car shipping.
  • Volkswagen Vagabonds - 3 years, 60'000 miles, 24 countries, 4 continents, 122 border crossings, 3200 gallons of gas - need we say more?
  • MUNGO EATS Latin America - A hound and his family travel through Latin America.
  • Follow The Road - Augustas from Lithuania and Katja from Germany who are currently on a World tour.
  • - a french couple on the way from New Orleans to Tierra del Fuego in their 1987 Ford Crown Victoria. Last seen in San Blas, Mexico (as of November 4, 2006). Updated in 2010: looks like these guys are now working in a nature conservation project in Ecuador: http://reservadelriobigal.googlepages.com.
  • NY to BA - Argentinean family drove all the way from New York to Buenos Aires.

People who are doing it:

  • The Kingsmill's Overland Adventures - An Australian family who escaped from their big island :) and are now driving through South and North America in their Toyota Lancruizer.
  • Dan - is taking his Jeep for a 50,000kms run on The Pan American Highway from The Arctic Ocean in Northern Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, the southern-most point of South America.

Organized trips:

  • Southamericansafaris.com - all kinds of tours throughout South America, seams well organized, but a bit pricey
  • GAP Adventures - trips all over the world, including Quito to Santiago in 55 days
  • Death March - Organized tours on a motorcycle, seams dead..

Very useful links:

South American Explorers - Extremely useful site for a traveler bound for South America. Features discussion threads, road, health & security conditions reports, trip reports, clubhouses with luggage storage, classifieds to buy/sell cars, travel gear, find travel partners, tour operator reviews, recommendations about lodging, dining, transportation, networking, store with maps and books. In other words tons of great stuff. And most importantly, for people considering driving Pan American Highway - The Driving Packet!!! A country-by-country collection of tips from members who have driven to Central and South America, along with notes on documents you need, border crossings, shipping your vehicle, safety, lists of medical facilities, buying and selling vehicles in South America, insurance, and other info useful to anyone planning to drive or motorcycle through Central or South America. $30 for nonmembers, we have not bought it yet, but as soon as it we get our hands on it, we'll post the review.

Shipping your vehicle from Panama to South America

Crowley - Logistics company that Patricia used to ship her motorcycle to Panama and back from Colombia to USA. Check out Crowley car shipping page.
And a few more companies that can transport your vehicles to/from Central and South America - CSAV, Norton-Lilly, Barwil (also suggested by Patricia - Thank you!!!)

Useful links:


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